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 Megan Buhr 
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The Athenaeum Learning Center sprang from my interest in education, my experience as a librarian and a homeschooling parent, and from a strong belief that the South Shore needed a school where kids can be kids, where the intellectual curiosity of every child can be nurtured, and where students can be proud of being smart, inquisitive, and creative.  

My own education was eclectic, and included time in good (and in "good") public schools, a year being homeschooled, and attending Boston's Commonwealth School, which is known for its rigor and pressure.  My goal for the Athenaeum Learning Center is to combine the rigor of the best private schools with the nurturing, creative atmosphere of a homeschool center. 

I am very proud of how the Athenaeum Learning Center has grown since opening its doors in October, 2016, and at the wonderful group of students who come to learn, to play, and to grow every day.  The Athenaeum Learning Center is unique in its educational approach, and fills an important need on the South Shore.  I encourage you to contact us to arrange a tour, and to learn more about our programming.

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