Our overarching philosophy is one of encouraging student to achieve high expectations by creating an environment where the child feels safe, supported, and free to explore the world.  Whether analyzing Shakespeare in 7th grade English, learning the names of the colors in Mandarin Chinese as Forest School students play outdoors, learning to code a robot in an after-school class, or learning about contemporary artists in a class designed to supplement the student's home education, our students are exploring their world through a hands-on, developmentally appropriate lens.  


We believe that when a student's talents and development are respected, that student is eager to participate in the learning process.  And we believe in the power of play, for students of all ages: even our Middle School students have a morning snack and recess, and a full hour for recess at lunch.  We recognize that fresh air and exercise is essential for building healthy bodies and minds. 

The result is a learning experience that makes students excited to come to our programs, because every day is an adventure.  Our work expectations for our full-time enrolled students at Athenaeum Academy are higher, of course, but this philosophy influences all of our programs.