April 23rd-27th

The week after April Vacation, the school will welcome spring during a special week devoted to cleaning and maintaining our indoor and outdoor classroom spaces.  Students will spend recess and part of each day on building projects, garden and Outdoor Classroom maintenance, and some simple school improvement projects.  Parents are invited to bring their skills and supervision to help improve our school.  

By working together to improve our school, we hope to build a community spirit, create an opportunity for the students to influence their environment in visible ways they can be proud of, learn important organizational skills, and understand the hard work that goes into maintaining a beautiful, ready-to-learn environment.

Information for Parents

During the week of April 23rd, please send your child to school with gardening/work gloves, and a rake appropriate for their size.  Please dress your child appropriately for working in the garden and outdoors.  We plan on painting some decorations for our Outdoor Classroom, so students are encouraged to wear clothes that can get paint on them.

An email will go out the week of April 9th looking for volunteers who can come for an afternoon to help advise and supervise, and with a list of materials and items we would appreciate donated.

  School Clean-Up Week