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We will host a multi-age troop that meets every Tuesday afternoon from 3:30-5:00, from September 13th-June 6th.  In addition, there will be a weekend event or trip about every 1-2 months.  It is NOT required that you be able to attend all meetings and events!  They are there as an opportunity to explore new things.

The Athenaeum Learning Center has indoor classroom space stocked with everything needed for a wide variety or technology, arts and crafts, and science badges.  We also have a 2 acre Outdoor Classroom space perfect for exploring outdoor-themed badges.  It's the perfect location, and we know it will be a great year!

Parents will need to register their child with Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, and purchase the uniform.  You will not need to purchase the "Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting."  There will be weekly dues of $10 (payable weekly, by term, or at the beginning of the year) to cover materials and badges.  If you are interested in your daughter joining this troop, please email Megan at

Troop Levels

Daisies (K-1st grade): 3:30-4:30

  • Need 1 Leader and 1 Assistant Leader

  • 3 girls already registered.

  • Daisies will work on badges and Journeys.


Brownies (2nd-3rd grade): 3:30-4:30

  • Need 1 Leader and 1 Assistant Leader

  • 4 girls already registered.

  • Brownies will work on badges and Journeys.


Juniors (4th-6th grade*): 4:00-5:00

  • Need 1 Assistant Leader.

  • 3 girls already registered.

  • Juniors will work on badges, Journeys, and complete a Bronze Award project this year.


Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors (7th grade+): 4:00-5:00

  • We will enroll at these levels for this year if there is interest.  We would need 1 Leader and 1 Assistant Leader per level.

  • Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors will work on badges and Journeys, and will be encouraged to pursue their Silver and Gold awards, if they're interested.

*According to GSUSA, 6th graders should be Cadettes.  Because we have some 5th and 6th graders that don't want to be split up, 6th graders will be Juniors this year, and next year we'll follow the GSUSA age groups. 

Are you interested in being a leader?  It's fun!  We already have the whole year planned out, so you'll just need to be prepared to lead activities.  There are required online trainings for Girl Scout leaders that take a few hours, and you will need a background check.

Tentative Calendar

The following calendar may change based on weather, girl interest, or if other opportunities become available.  Remember that your daughter does not need to attend all meetings!  Camping trips may also be done as "day activities," with girls dropped off in the morning and picked up in the evening, but we encourage girls to try sleeping over for the full experience!  Mothers are welcome to camp out too, but must follow the Girl Scouts policies about registering and having a background check done.


  • September 11th: Meeting

  • September 18th: Meeting

  • September 25th: Meeting

  • September 28th-30th: Fall camping trip


  • October 2nd: Meeting

  • October 16th: Meeting

  • October 23rd: Meeting

  • October 30th: Meeting


  • November 6th: Meeting.  Families are invited to a Birthday Party for Juliette Gordon Lowe, including a badge award ceremony, from 5:00-5:30pm this evening.

  • November 13th: Meeting

  • November 20th: Meeting

  • November 27th: Meeting


  • December 4th: Cookie Sale training​.  Parents should expect to come to an informational meeting from 5:00-5:30.  This will not be a cookie-sales-heavy troop, but we will still encourage the girls to do some selling.

  • December 11th: Meeting
  • December 18th: Meeting


  • January 8th: Meeting

  • January 15th: Meeting

  • January 22nd: Meeting

  • January 29th: Meeting


  • February 5th: Meeting

  • February 8th-10th: Winter camping trip

  • February 12th: Meeting

  • February 26th: Meeting.  Families are invited to a World Thinking Day event, including a badge award ceremony, from 5:00-5:30pm.


  • March 5th: Meeting

  • March 12th: Meeting

  • March 19th: Meeting

  • March 26th: Meeting


  • April 2ndMeeting

  • April 9th

  • April 23rd

  • April 30th


  • May 7th: Meeting

  • May 14th: Meeting

  • May 17th-19th: Spring camping trip

  • May 21st: Meeting

  • May 28th: Meeting


  • June 4th: Meeting

  • Week of June 10th: Bridging Ceremony, Hingham High School (date will be announced closer to June)

How much will this cost?

Girl Scouts is designed to be a low-cost operation, but they do have a wait of nickel and diming you.  In addition, I hate the cookie hard sales, so I'd prefer to fund the troop through dues, and have any money earned selling cookies go to extras and fun stuff.  Here's about what you can expect to pay for the entire year:

  • Registration fee (with Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts): $45

  • Uniform (including all the little pins they make you get): $40 if bought new (you can often find hand-me-downs or deals at consignment stores)

  • Weekly dues* (34 meetings at $10 each): $340  Remember that this doesn't need to be paid all at once!

  • Weekend and camping trips will cost about $20-$50, depending on what we're doing.

It is extremely important to me that no girl is excluded from anything for financial reasons.  Please talk to me if you have any questions or concerns about finances.  

*If your child is already enrolled in the Extended Day programming at the Athenaeum Learning Center, their dues are included in your extended day registration.

What are dues spent on?

$10 a meeting adds up... how many popsicle sticks and crayons are you going to buy?  Good question.  Dues will cover patches and badges (which are $3-$5 each), trainings that the leaders are required to take, background checks for the leaders, program materials (from both Girl Scouts USA as well as additional sources), supplies and activities for the troop, and to help restock the Athenaeum Learning Center's supplies that the troop uses.  A small portion will go to the Athenaeum Learning Center to cover overhead.

What are the commitments of being a leader?

If you're interested in being a leader, but are afraid of the time or energy commitments, don't be!  Being a leader is a ton of fun, and as much work as you want to put into it.  I already have GREAT meeting plans all ready to go, and meetings will be held in a safe, clean, well-stocked location, so for the most part all you need to do is show up.  Girl Scouts does require that you attend a couple online trainings: these take a total of about 2-3 hours, and can be done at home in the evenings.  You'll also need to submit to a background check.

What are the benefits of being a leader?

You get to do fun activities and projects.  You get to watch girls try new things, and see how proud they are when they do something hard.   You get to spend some quality time with your daughter and her friends.  You get to meet some really nice other mothers.  You get to facilitate an environment where kids can be kids.  Being a Girl Scout leader is so rewarding, I highly recommend it.

Who's running this?

My name is Megan Buhr and I'm the founder and head of the Athenaeum Learning Center.  Before I had that job, I led my older daughter's Girl Scout troop from kindergarten Daisy through 4th grade Junior.  Because of the time commitments of running the school, I had to step down from that role.  My daughters miss Girl Scouts, and I miss leading it.  I've completed the level-based Girl Scout training, as well as the Camping and Outdoors trainings required to lead those events.  


Although we meet in Pembroke, we will be part of the Hingham Service Unit.  This is a very active unit which runs frequent events for its members, including a Halloween party, an annual camporee and/or outdoor skills day, level-based events, and more.  Information about these events will be provided as they come up.  There is no requirement to or expectation of attending these events: they're just fun extras that your daughter will have access to as a member of this troop.

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining us, please email Megan at

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