Homeschooling with Athenaeum Academy  

The Athenaeum Learning Center offers an enrollment model that's unique in the United States: our program is designed both for full and part-time students, and our goal is to have an equal number of full time (4-5 day a week) Athenaeum Academy and part-time (1-4 days a week) homeschooled students each day.

How does it work?  Homeschooling families sign up for a full year, picking the day or days they'd like their child to attend.  Homeschoolers may come between 1 and 4 full days each week, from 8:30am-3:00pm (with extended day programs available, if needed), and they fully participate in the classes, projects, recesses, and daily life of the school.  While full-time Athenaeum Academy students participate in their core academic classes in the mornings, homeschooled students participate in a wide variety of classes designed around the needs and interests of homeschooling families.  In the afternoon, both Athenaeum Academy and homeschooled students take classes together.  In addition, both groups have all recesses and breaks together.

Whether you're looking for childcare (note that our after-school programming goes until 5:30pm), to increase your child's social circle, or for academic enrichment, our homeschool programming is designed to be flexible, fun, and exciting.  And if you are not interested in committing to a full day, be sure to check out our short courses.

 Daily Schedule 

The Athenaeum Learning Center's school day runs from 8:30am until 3:00pm.  We also run after-school classes every day, until about 5:30.

Our day looks like this:

8:20-8:30 - Students arrive, put away their bags and coats, change into indoor shoes, and go into the classrooms.  Students can socialize, work on projects, read quietly, or do activities the teachers have prepared for this time.

8:30-10:00 - Classes. 

10:00-10:30 - The elementary and middle school students have snack and recess.  Forest School students are already outside, and all ages play together at recess.

10:30-12:00 - Classes.

12:00-1:00 - Lunch.  Students have a full hour for lunch and recess.  On nice days, everyone eats outdoors.  Sometimes, students will eat inside and then go outdoors for the remainder of the lunch hour.  Students go outside every day, but when the weather is particularly unpleasant, they can play and socialize indoors after a few minutes of running off their energy outside.

1:00-1:15 - All-School meeting.  Students and teachers can make announcements, students may present items for show and tell, and sometimes we talk about big issues.

1:15-2:45 - Classes

2:45-3:00 - Students work to clean and organize the school, learning lessons about personal responsibility while taking ownership of their classrooms.

3:00 - Students are picked up (unless they're staying for after-school classes)

 To Apply 

The application to attend for our full-day homeschool program is the same application as for our full-time program, and can be found here.  

We strongly encourage homeschooled students to come visit our program for a day before enrolling.  This is an opportunity for your child to learn more about how our day and our programs work.

Tuition rates can be found here.  The financial aid process for homeschooling families is the same as for our full-time students.

If you have any questions about applying for our homeschool programming, please email us at

 Work from Home 

Every day except Tuesdays, homeschooled students have a period called "Work From Home."  Students can bring assignments from home, and work on them in our classroom.  While the irony of parents assigning homework to be done at school, frankly, absolutely delights us, parents have asked for us to bring back this initiative because it helps teach students independence and responsibility.  Although our teachers are supervising and are happy to help students who have questions, work should be able to be done independently.  Students who don't bring assigned work may do read quietly or work on quiet activities that we have on hand.

 Weekly Schedule 

Forest - Ages 4-6

Every day is different in our Forest School, but all follow roughly the same pattern.  Projects and activities depend on weather, season, interests of the children enrolled, and general mood.  Students spend about a half hour in the morning playing and learning indoors, and then head outside for the rest of the day.  Most time spent outdoors is informal or spent in short, informal lessons, but there is a block after recess every day with a scheduled class.  Afternoons follow a similar schedule, with informal play and some classes.


Art and Nature

Forest students will take a special art class on Mondays.


Music + Science

Forest Students will take two special classes on Tuesdays: Music + Movement in the mornings, and Science in the afternoons.


Social Studies

Forest Students will join the Forest Bridge level for a special social studies class that explores the neighborhood and the world.


Language and Music

Forest students will participate in a special foreign language playgroup in the morning, and join the Forest Bridge class for a music class in the afternoons.


Yoga and Art

Forest students will learn to center themselves in this fun, active yoga class taught by a licensed Yoga teacher.

Forest Bridge - 1st-2nd Grade

Our Forest Bridge class "bridges" the gap between Forest and Elementary school.  While our full-time students are working on early elementary phonics and math schools, homeschooled students spend extra time outdoors.  Both homeschooled and full time students take art, science, social studies, chess, engineering, yoga, Nature Studies, and more together!  Classes depend on the day, so see below to determine which days you'd like to register for.


Theme Units

Miss Judy and the students will pick different science and social study themes to explore in weekly classes on Monday mornings.


Chess, Science, Art

On Tuesdays, Forest Bridge students take a weekly chess lesson, have the opportunity to take a ceramics class, and take a fun, hands-on science experiment class in the woods in the afternoon.


Social Studies

On Wednesday mornings, Forest Bridge students will take a social studies class that teaches about communities, maps, geography, and US and world cultures.



Forest Bridge students will have a science, math, and engineering class on Thursday mornings.  Some kindergarteners may also be invited to join this class.


Yoga and Nature

On Friday mornings, Forest Bridge students participate in an outdoor yoga and art class, and a fun, nature-based group we call "Athenaeum Scouts."

Upper Elementary and Middle School (3rd-8th grade)

Upper Elementary and Middle School homeschoolers take some classes with our full-time students, and others are designed just for them!  We have different specialists and classes every day, so check below to see what's happening on each day.


Art and Science

The first session of classes will include Forensic Science, Fiber Arts, a class on World War I, and Art.  New classes will be selected by registered students at the end of October.  Homeschooled middle school students can also take Civics with our full time students.  For more information about these classes, see our Homeschool Short Courses page.


Games, Robots, and Nature

Tuesdays will include chess, ceramics, robotics, and student-selected electives in the mornings, and outdoor/nature skills in the afternoon.  Participation in First Lego League, which will require a serious commitment, is optional. Middle school students can also take a lab-based science class with our full-time students. For more information about these classes, see our Homeschool Short Courses page.


Art, History, and Culture

The first session of classes will include US geography, art, poetry, and an elective selected by the students.  New classes will be selected by registered students at the end of October.   For more information about these classes, see our Homeschool Short Courses page.



For the third year, Thursdays are all about Math Circle, Computer Science, Art and Engineering.  For more information about these classes, see our Homeschool Short Courses page.  In the afternoons, we'll continue to offer violin and art instruction.



The first session of classes will include Comic Book creation and Drama.  Friday students also produce the school's newspaper, and students in 4th-6th grade are invited to join our full-time students in a health class taught by a trained OWL facilitator. For more information about these classes, see our Homeschool Short Courses page.