Kids' Night In - Fridays 

Kids' Night In means Parents Night Out!

Children aged 6-12 are invited to the Athenaeum Learning Center's Friday night Kids' Night In program, usually held the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.  Children may be dropped off from 5:30-8:00pm, for an evening of supervised play, crafts, a movie, and games.  


The cost is $20 per child (plus an extra $5 materials fee if your child is playing Dungeons and Dragons), which includes pizza (from British Beer Company), a juice box, and light snacks.  Some children also bring their own dinners, which should be nut-free.​ 

We have a Movie Performance License, and there are thousands of titles we can choose from, and we usually give the kids the choice of what to watch.  We ensure that it's something appropriate for the ages of the children in attendance, and because the older kids are more interested in Minecraft or Pokemon, the movie is usually geared towards the younger kids. 

Minecraft and Pokemon are the most popular activities, but there are other card and board games, and plenty of arts and crafts available.  Sometimes there will be a guided craft project, and sometimes we'll put out craft materials and the children can create to their heart's content.  This year, local Dungeons and Dragons group leader Dan Bates will be leading a game on Friday nights: whether you're a new player looking to build a character


If you have any questions, or to let us know you'll be coming, please email us at  We would particularly appreciate a heads-up about any food allergies, so that we can plan our food and snacks accordingly. 

Fall, 2018 Movie Night Dates:

September 21st

September 28th

October 12th

October 26th

November 9th

November 30th

December 14th

Fall, 2018 Movie Night Dates:

January 11th

January 25th

February 8th

March 8th

March 22nd

April 12th

April 26th

May 10th

June 7th

Please note that dates are subject to change.  If school closes for any reason (such as a snow day), Kids' Night In is cancelled.  A make-up Friday will be arranged, if possible.

Minecraft Rules

Many of our older Kids' Night In participants come expressly to play Minecraft.  This is a really fun social experience for them, but we do have some guidelines to keep everything low key and fun.  Please review these guidelines, and share them with your child beforehand, so that they have appropriate expectations for this event.

  • If your child would like to play Minecraft, please send them with a laptop if you have one.  We have a limited number of laptops available here, and children without their own laptop will take turns using the school's computers.  Please note that the Minecraft on iPads and tablets is not compatible with the Minecraft for computers, and so if your child brings a tablet they will not be able to play interactively.  But don't worry if you don't have a laptop!  Most of the kids who come don't, and we make sure that everyone gets plenty of game play.

  • No food or drink are allowed near the computers: all food must be eaten at the orange tables, while the computers stay in the yellow classroom.

  • We play Minecraft on our internal school server, period.  Your child will not, under any circumstances, be allowed to log into any other servers.  Please do not ask us to make exceptions.  

  • No Mindplex.  

  • There are lots of fun Minecraft YouTube videos out there, and the children often enjoy talking about them, and sometimes want to watch them.  We just don't have the time or the manpower to preview videos before letting them be shown, so we just have a firm "no YouTube" rule.

  • This is a friendly game, and the purpose it to have fun.  Some kids prefer to build, others prefer a more action-packed game.  Sometimes younger children want to join, and need some hand-holding.  Please help make sure that everyone is having a good time, and keep the angst level down.  And this part is key: if other players don't want to be killed, don't kill them.

  • Breaking any of the above rules will result in an immediate time out from Minecraft (usually about 10 minutes) and a second infraction will result in the child not being allowed to play Minecraft for the rest of the evening.  This is true whether your child is using one of the school's computer, or your own computer from home.  Don't worry, though: your child will start the next week with a completely clean slate.  And even if they're not playing Minecraft, they have plenty of other things to do!

The kids always have a blast while following the rules, and there are usually enough kids to make it a really exciting game.