In the early 19th century, private lending libraries called Athenaeums sprouted up in the growing urban centers of the nascent United States.  These were designed to be centers of learning, combining the democratic ideal of shared information with the cultured "salons" of Europe.  The Athenaeum Learning Center's name was inspired by these "temples to Athena," and we take great pride in our extensive library collection.

Our Head of School is also the Athenaeum Learning Center's librarian: Megan has her MA in Library and Information Science from Simmons, and is always pleased to share her love of children's literature with students.  The library itself contains over 5,000 fiction and nonfiction books, and grows monthly.  The library is a member of the Massachusetts School Library association, and Megan is a member is the Association of Independent School Librarians.

Our library is divided into three sections:

  • A student library, full of carefully curated fiction and non-fiction works, designed for students to read for pleasure and knowledge.

  • A Part and Homeschooling library, with books about education, child development, and an extensive selection of homeschooling curricula that parents may review.

  • A Tool and Material library, where families may take out tools, program supply kits, and educational materials.


We are currently working to catalog our collections.  We are currently seeking donations of books and materials for all of the above purposes.