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Our tool and material library would allow families to take out sets of non-consumable classroom materials to be used to teach specific skills and lessons.  The options for sets are basically infinite, and we are happy to build sets based around your interests, age range, and requirements.  Below are some ideas for sets:


At this time, each set would cost $10 to rent for a month.  Boxes can be renewed for no additional charge for additional months, so long as no other families have requested them.  An eventual goal would be to move to a yearly subscription model, where families can pay a yearly fee and take out as many materials and sets as they'd like.

If any part of the set is ruined, we would ask families to replace items as necessary.  We may also ask families to pay a deposit (probably in the form of a check that would only be cashed if necessary) for some items.

If you would like to participate, or if you have ideas for sets, please let us know.

Telling Time Set

Appropriate for elementary-aged students.  This box might include:​

Learn to Sew Set

Appropriate for upper elementary, middle, and high school students.  This box might include:​

  • Sewing machine

  • Hand-sewing kit (for finishing)

  • Books about how to sew

  • A couple easy-to-follow patterns

  • Scissors, pins, tape measure, and other materials you'll need to sew.

Frog Life Cycle Set

Appropriate for students of all ages (although parts might be more appropriate for different age groups).  This box might include:​

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