Practical Life Skills 

 Practical Life Skills and Hobbies 

Our Makerspace classroom is the ideal environment to learn practical life skills, such as sewing, carpentry, basic metalwork, and more!  We occasionally do cooking lessons.  All elementary students went through a financial literacy course last year, which we plan to repeat at least every other year.  Our flexible, creative, project-based environment allows us to implement skill lessons as they come up.

Elementary students participate in a financial literacy program each winter through their Dungeons and Dragons class, where they create an entire economy that their characters interact with.  Characters must get jobs, pay rent and bills, manage bank accounts, and even explore the use of credit cards.

 Executive Function Skills 

At the Athenaeum Learning Center, we believe in educating the whole child, and so special emphasis is placed on executive function skills, particularly as they relate to academic organization and planning.  Elementary and Middle School students are taught strategies to streamline their study and homeschool practices.  An Executive Function specialist comes weekly to advice teachers, and to work with students whose parents elect for their child to participate in these one-on-one organizational sessions.  There is a small additional fee for this service.

 Standardized Test Preparation 

It's just a simple truth in our modern educational environment that nearly all students will end up taking standardized tests at some point.  We do not participate in any tests or perform any standardized testing on our students, but we also strive to equip our graduates with the skills they will need in the next step of their education. 


To that end, all 7th graders will take a weekly test prep class in the Fall semester.  This class is designed to help students succeed on the ISEE and the SSAT, both of which are required for admission to many local private schools, but will also teach skills that are transferable to other tests.  For families who are interested in preparing their child for the ISEE or SSAT before 8th grade, individual tutoring is available for an additional fee.

We may also recommend some students for admissions to the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, during their 7th grade year.  Part of this admissions process is that they must take the SATs or the ACTs.  Although students are not supposed to study for this test, our instructors will work with candidates to make sure they understand the expectations and format of the test.