Spring Vacation Programs  

Why should the learning stop just because school's on break? All of our vacation programs are designed and taught by professional instructors from the Athenaeum Learning Center, and emphasize the exploration of nature and the outdoors in a fun, nurturing, environment.  Although each week has a different theme, students participate in a variety of different activities throughout the day.   Aftercare is available until 5:00pm.

Please send your child with a nut-free snack and lunch, a water bottle, and the appropriate outerwear for the day's conditions: we go outside every day!  

 To Register 

Download our Vacation Registration Form, and send it to us by mail or email.  If you are emailing this form, please make sure to  save it to your computer after filling out, and attach the saved version to your email.

We will also need a completed Health Record Form.  Please note that many doctors have their own health record form, usually given to parents after annual checkups, and copy of that form is sufficient for our records.

 Times and Fees 

Our full day vacation program day runs from 9:00-3:00. Children may be dropped off anytime after 8:45am, but must be picked up promptly at 3:00, unless they are staying for aftercare.  


  • February Vacation Week: $250 a week / $75 a day


Aftercare is available until 5:00pm, for $20 a day.  Aftercare is both indoors and outdoors, and may involve crafts and games, playing Minecraft (on our internal servers), watching a movie, or other quiet activities. ​

 What to Bring 


Please label EVERYTHING! 

  • A reusable water bottle. Paper cups are only dispensed after a lecture about the environmental cost of disposable cups.

  • A nut-free morning snack and lunch. If your child is staying for aftercare, please also send them with an afternoon snack.

  • Clothes to go outdoors in.  We go outdoors every day and it gets messy!

    • Coat, hat, gloves

    • Boots.  Please, unless it is a bone-dry warm day, send your child in boots!  It gets cold and muddy outside.  This goes for ALL AGES: older elementary and middle school students often balk at being asked to wear boots, but they quickly decide it's a good idea when they get here.  Your child is welcome to bring indoor shoes or slippers to wear inside.

    • Snowpants/rainpants.  If there's any chance that it's wet or muddy outside, please send them with snow or ain pants.  Again, it's the older kids who balk, and the older kids whose parents we're calling after one game of Red Rover to bring a pair of dry pants.  Even if your child is resisting, just pack the pants and let us convince them to put them on.

    • We strongly suggest that your child bring a change of pants and socks, in case the clothes they're wearing get wet.  Again, it's usually the older kids who are playing more roughly, are less likely to be wearing snow pants, and who need to change.  Nobody can be expected to learn in cold, wet socks!

 February Vacation, 2019 

Our 2019 February Vacation Program will run from February 19th-22nd.  


February Vacation Week

Why go away for winter break when you can have a plenty of adventures right here at home? Sign up for one or all of our vacation week program days and let your child enjoy the winter wilderness at Athenaeum. Kids ages 4-8 will join Kira & Sarah, our Forest Teachers, for a full day of wilderness skill building. We'll explore different topics throughout each day, such as:

- Animal Tracking

- Shelter Building

- Fire Building

- Campfire Cooking

- And more!


Our program runs Tuesday through Friday, 9am-3pm with the option to add aftercare until 5pm. Attendees will be asked to bring a morning snack, lunch, water bottle, and all necessary outdoor gear (snow pants, jacket, hat, mittens, boots, etc). Please also send your child with at least one change of clothes.



$250/full week (Tuesday-Friday)

$20/day for aftercare


Sign up today!

 March Vacation, 2019 


Full-Day March Vacation Programming

We run a small March Vacation program for students of the local private schools who keep that vacation schedule.   Because this program is smaller than our February, April, and Summer Vacation programs, we do not divide it into three distinct groups, but create programming around the students who sign up.  

  • Younger participants explore their world through backyard science, music and movement, storytelling and drama, and arts and crafts.  

  • Older participants will build and create in our Makerspace, take classes with our full time and homeschool students, and participate in special programming.  Projects will be based on student interest, and may include robotics, computer programming, engineering, handcrafts, 3D design, drawing and painting, and more.  Some classes and activities will be done in conjunction with our homeschool enrichment students.

Our full-day March Vacation Program runs March 12th-16th and 19th-23rd.  Students can register by the day, or for the entire week.  Older students attending March 19th-23rd will participate in our Robotics Boot Camp in the mornings.  Early drop-off is available from 7:00 for $10 a day, and aftercare is available until 5:30 for $20 a day.  For students from 4 years old through 8th grade.

 April Vacation, 2019 

Our 2019 April Vacation Program will run from April 15-19.  


April Vacation FOREST Power - Exploring Earth and Sky

We will use our forest and our classrooms to learn about our community and the world around us. We will explore maps, globes, use compasses to navigate and learn symbol recognition. We will also look into outer space and learn about planet Earth, stars, the moon, sun and beyond! Each day will also include music and movement, arts and crafts, yoga, free play time and lots of outside fun!  For students from 4-7 years old.