Our whole school community is invited!

Join is on the afternoon of the 14th for our 3rd annual Valentine's Day party!  Children are invited to come from 12:30-3:00 to exchange Valentine's, participate in some crafts and games, and to have fun!

If your child is interested in coming, please RSVP by Monday, February 11th.  We will send out a list of the children coming from each classroom, so that your child can prepare Valentine's.  If your child has younger siblings who are coming and would be disappointed not to get Valentine's, please let me know and we'll include them in the count.

We are a low-key school!  PLEASE keep things simple: no gift bags, no candy (not even Valentine's with accompanying lollipops or candy), nothing you saw on Pinterest.  Those little cardboard Valentine's you buy at CVS are highly recommended.  Please have your child sign them.  If they'd like to address them to specific friends, that's fine: for the younger kids, it's simpler if they leave the envelope blank and just give one to each classmate.

  Valentine's Day 

Heart Graffiti