A school for the 21st century  

The South Shore's most innovative private school, providing a developmentally appropriate but rigorous curriculum, as well as homeschool, after-school, and vacation programs for students from 4 years through 8th grade  


The Athenaeum Learning Center believes that a 21st century education promotes critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration skills, and an understanding of the child’s place in the larger, connected world.  We value intellectual creativity, diversity, and each child’s individual academic path, and aim to instill every student with the skills they will need for future academic, career, and emotional success.  Our programs include a full time Academy, programs for homeschoolers, after-school, and vacation programs.

The Athenaeum Learning Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing the highest quality education and educational enrichment to children on the South Shore of Massachusetts.  Please help support our mission.

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